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4 Year Old Program
The 4 Year Old Program emphasizes movement and pre-ballet positions. Song and dance are used, letting the child's own personality shine through. Ballet shoes are worn for the entire class, although tap technique is taught to prepare for the next level. For the last few minutes of the class, we tumble. Class meets weekly for 30 minutes.  A studio-based recital in May affords the students an opportunity to perform for their families.
Our Curriculum
Beginner classes in ballet establish the basis for all other dance styles.  As the student grows, additional classes and dance styles are offered.

Unless otherwise indicated, all classes perform in the annual Spring Recital.
5 Year Old Program
This weekly 45 minute combination class includes both ballet and tap. A formal introduction to dance takes place in this class, with ballet technique and vocabulary introduced in a comfortable and fun environment.
Ballet, Tap, and Jazz
Ballet, Tap, and Hip-Hop
The Beginning Ballet, Tap & Jazz class meets once a week for 90 minutes.  The class stresses a stronger emphasis on barre exercises, turnout, technique and center floor. Tap and jazz are done in the second half of the class.   Minimum age for the class is 8, with teacher approval.  Intermediate and Advanced sections of this class replace Jazz with Hip-Hop, and meet once a week for 90 or 120 minutes.
In Syllabus I and II, discipline is emphasized on all barre exercises, body placement, positioning, turnout and terminology.  Syllabus is a required pre-requisite to Beginner Pointe, and enrollment is at the discretion of the teacher.  Class does not perform in recital.
Students who have completed two days of ballet classes a week are eligible to be considered for Beginner Pointe. This class meets once a week for 30 minutes in addition to the two regular ballet classes. Enrollment in this class requires student readiness and teacher approval. Following completion of Beginner Pointe, the student progresses to a 45-minute class and later a 90 minute class in Intermediate/Advanced Pointe.  More demanding technique and variations allow each student to progress to the more advanced levels as her ability dictates.
A street/funk dance style is taught during this weekly 60 minute class. The student will learn the beginning steps and techniques in Hip Hop 1, and continue with more advanced techniques in Hip Hop 2. Minimum age for the class is 10 and is at the discretion of the teacher. 
Modern is offered at BeginningIntermediate, and  Advanced levels.   This weekly class provides an introduction to  various techniques - i.e. Graham, Horton - and encourages the development of musicality and expression in the student.
Theater Dance
Offered to both intermediate and advanced students, Theater Dance emphasizes the principles and history of jazz dance as explored in musical theater.  Intensive jazz warm-ups and movement vocabulary will be developed in combinations inspired by Broadway's greatest choreographers, like deMille, Robbins, and Fosse.
This class explores the craft of choreography and the creative process of dance composition. Students will expand their individual movement by exploring the use of choreographic devices such as improvisation, space/time/dynamics, and self evaluation.  Choreography is for advanced students only.  Class does not perform in recital.
Required for all pointe students, Stretch is designed to reinforce and enhance the dancer's ability and awareness of body alignment and flexibility.  Students will focus on lengthening the hip flexors, spine, and hamstrings as well as strengthening their core muscles. Class does not perform in recital.
6, 7 and 8 Year Old Programs
In this weekly 45 minute class, ballet barre exercises are introduced, as well as a more disciplined approach to body placement; tap technique is also included. Technique and knowledge learned in these classes carry over to the next year of advancement.